May 2019

About Orbis

Every euro raised allows Orbis to treat and prevent blindness. Ensuring the most vulnerable, those at immediate risk of blindness, can live healthy, full and meaningful lives.

285 million people across the world are visually impaired. If this many people represented a nation it would be the fourth largest nation in the world.

Shockingly, 75% of all visual impairment in the world can be prevented or treated. That means around 30 million adults and children would able to see today if they had received surgery or glasses - the kind of care many take for granted. Orbis is working towards a future where every community in the world has equal access to quality eye care and no one goes needlessly blind.

Thirteen-year-old Asegedech, lives with her family in southern Ethiopia. She suffered for years with severe pain in her eyes. While the other children went off to school each day, Asegedech was forced to stay at home as she was in excruciating pain and her vision was so poor.

One day, an Orbis-trained eye care worker was visiting Asegedech's village and noticed her weeping, sore eyes. Asegedech was immediately referred to her local health centre in a nearby town where she was examined by a public nurse named Tsehay. Thanks to the training provided by Orbis, Tsehay could treat Asegedech. Now the pain has gone and Asegedech has returned to school.


We ask that participants raise €20 for each day you run in the month of May.

By raising funds for Orbis, you will end the suffering for many more children like Asegedech. Not only will you give these children the gift of sight, you will also give them a brighter future.



trains two teachers in basic eye health



will conduct three sight saving surgeries to people at immediate risk of blindness



treats 130 people with an antibiotic to tackle blinding infections